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I began teaching in 2012 - teaching Middle and High School U.S. History. I loved the General Education setting, but I was curious about Special Education. I earned my MsED in Severe & Profound Disabilities in 2013, and worked primarily with High School students (ages 14 - 21) in a separate setting. 

There were some changes to an IEP, and I ended up providing supports/services for several students in an inclusive, co-taught, 9th grade, World History class. This experience set me on a path to teach and advocate for inclusive education.

In 2014, I began teaching at one of the few fully inclusive elementary schools in my city. It was the first year the school began implementing inclusion and the co-teaching model. As time progressed, I began to notice that all the background work and extra time that goes into making a successful co-teaching relationship/ classroom was not recognized.

So, I made this blog - from tidbits, DIYS, some fun ideas, etc. It's all for you, the co-teacher(s), who put in so much work and time for ALL of your students. I appreciate you! "Go on with your bad self!"


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