Homeroom - How You Can Advocate for Yourself! #mindcontrol

Sunday, September 11, 2016
Hi All!

This was actually me... after the first day.
The first week has passed and I'm happy to say that I've survived. That being said, I tried to resolve some homeroom issues that I did not like last year. Now, this has nothing to do with my co-teacher. She is AMAZING. The issue is breaking the "one teacher, one class" mindset.

One of the hardest things when it comes to having a shared homeroom is that students do not know which teacher is their homeroom teacher. The correct answer is: Both. The most common answer you're going to get: The Roster says Teacher A.

I tried to resolve this through mind control - I made sure every time students saw us (their homeroom teachers), they saw us together. Everything, even if it was handing out paper, was shared.

Here's what I did:

  • the first day, I held the sign that herded our homeroom to us from the playground and chatted with all the students. I made sure to say: "Welcome to OUR homeroom this year!"
  • the door has both our names on the door
  • the entrance way has our fake Instagram poster - the name has both our nicknames on it and our profile picture has both our faces slapped on there. Remember: mind control.
  • my co-teacher and I took turns running routine teaching - I took the most important part: grades. I made sure they knew that we both graded work and what we both expect from them.
  • we both took up paperwork - she did attendance and breakfast counts, while I handled emergency forms and field trip forms.
  • we both picked up students from recess and specials
We're planning on posting images of students at work.
This is the first thing students and parents see when they look
through the door window.
However, I saved the best for the end of the week. If, by now, they didn't know that we shared this homeroom, they probably should after this. I bought t-shirts that said: 7th Grade Squad. Just for the two of us.

Shout out to my co-teacher for dealing with my insanity.
I told you, mind-control. I made sure to keep reiterating that WE were their homeroom teachers. Even if it meant putting it on a t-shirt and becoming a human billboard. 

What do you do?


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