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Tuesday, August 16, 2016
I'm taking a quick break from "talking shop" to working on things I usually do on the side. You know, the prepping all teachers do in order to have some sanity left at the end of the year? Yeah, that. If you're a new teacher, I cannot emphasize enough the value of remaining organized throughout the school year!! Stay on top of your resources! 

TIP: Do you know how much this helps our your co-teacher? I usually set up a Google Drive folder and set up a time to meet with my co-teacher during the summer. I'd share the folder and we'd drag and drop all the resources we plan on using during the school year. Super easy for us to save everything within the same folders and staying on the same page throughout the school year. My co-teachers always mention how this makes them feel that I am equally participating in planning for the year and organizing with them.

Previously, I wrote a post about how I organized my Google Drive. However, one of my favorite Bloggers recently discussed how she reorganized hers. Check that out HERE
Random blanks, sorry - you know, privacy and all.
I organize my homepage by location. So those blanks
are actually names of schools I've worked at or studied at.
The screenshot above is my original screen. There's not much change there, but I love the color coding aspect of Google Drive. Yes, call me crazy for color coding. However, throughout the year I'm not the one scrambling through to find something I made. Just saying!

Now, here's the best part - after reading her blog post, I got started on setting up my Google Drive for the year. I found this so fun. Take a look!

Under the homepage, I organized by academic year.
Under that, I organized by the topic.
So, under the current school I'm teaching at, I have the academic years listed. Now usually I don't have these numbered and let it go by alphabetical order. Thanks that blog post, I get to number it by what I access the most. The sub-folders are pretty self explanatory. If you notice, there's a folder titled "MISC." that's the folder that usually fills up with flyers and items I'll organize at a later time. If you're wondering about the color scheme, I was on vacation at the time at a beach side cottage. 

Even more sub-folders!
Here's the mind boggling part. I have even more sub-folders! These sub-folders are the same color but with icons! I used the basic icon set from the link provided in her blog post. Those icons make me smile a bit. Is this a little too much? Yeah, definitely. Does it make me feel awesome opening my Google Drive? Most definitely!

How are you getting back in the groove for the upcoming school year?


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