Back to School Special: Top 10 Must Haves for an Inclusive SPED Teacher(8)

Saturday, August 6, 2016
We're nearing the end of our Back to School Special! Check out the previous posts below!

  1. Highlighting Tape/ Highlighters
  2. Sticky Graphs/ Graph Patches
  3. iPads & Apps
  4. Graphic Novels (Comics?)
  5. Composition Notebooks
  6. Clear Page Protector Sheets/ Dry Erase Pockets / Laminator
  7. Color Coded Hanging Folders & File Folders

Labels - All Types

There's something about labels that make me really excited about life. Does this make me dweeby? If so, I'll totally accept it. Labels not only make my life easy but also students who do not have the executive functioning skills use these a ton in our classroom! My favorites include the following:

Circular Labels are great for labeling
book levels & labeling
differentiated work
A lot of times I reuse my file folders that are
returned in fairly new condition. These are great
for relabeling the file tabs. These are also great to
use on binder divider tabs for students!
I use these to label EVERYTHING from
supplies to notebooks for students.
This pretty much fills in when I don't need to color code
label anything. Great for labeling student folders to book spines.
Each of these are items that I always make sure I have on hand. Here are some examples of how I have use these in the classroom.
  • Executive Functioning - Binders - CLICK HERE.
    This was a combination of all the rectangular labels. I used the colorful labels for each of the students notebooks, the white ones on the binder dividers (return, home), and the file tabs for the dividers that students purchased (they were thinner than those we originally had).
  • Classroom Library 
    The white multipurpose labels are on the spines of my classroom library books and the inside of the cover. I use the circular ones to label the Guided Reading Level of the novel.
  • File Tabs - Document Hoarding
    I like to reuse file folders when I can, thus these cover up what I had previously written on the file tabs. We handed out dividers two years ago, but last year, we did not. Some students returned with binder dividers that were much thinner than expected. I used these to label the tabs for students who consistently lost the paper that they shoved haphazardly into the tab.
  • LLI Color Coding
    Now that I am slowly making the adaptive LLI stuff, I'm using the round labels (since they match up with the colors of the LLI system) to identify where they belong. 
  • Teach Binders
    As you know, I already have color coded binders, so I use the white labels to identify what binder is which on the spine.
  • Student Mailboxes
    My co-teacher and I use the circular ones to label our student mailboxes with their roster number. Super simple to identify where each students mailbox are needed.
  • Take Home Folder(s)
    I had one student who used a take home folder but he needed a super bright label. Boom.
Clearly, you could use this for other purposes! I did a quick avery labels search on google, and behold - teacher DIYs up the wazoo. 


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