Back to School Special: Top 10 Must Haves for an Inclusive SPED Teacher

Friday, July 29, 2016
For some of you, school's going to start soon. I'm really sorry about that. For the lucky ones, including me, I'm still chillin' like a villain! You're probably wondering why I'm talking about school then, right? Silly Ol' Me, walked into Target and saw the School Supplies Pencil Sign "Thingy" and died a little. This feeling is probably the equivalent of standing in front of a dementor, hoping it'll get it over with fast. Shout out to my HP fans!

I've spent some time researching what SPED teachers all recommend having in their classroom, but I haven't found any posts that relates specifically to me - an inclusive SPED teacher. I mean, I don't need a binding machine for adaptive books or thousands of tubs for sorting activities. So, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I actually used daily in my shared classroom. These are things that made my life easier, things I used to modify/accommodate all the time, or things I probably should've taken out of my pockets (since they're always with me) before washing my pants. Washing machines are savage.

So, I'll be posting (random order, no one cares about numerical order) things I think an inclusive SPED teacher/ learning specialist should always have on hand. Read more below!

Highlighters/ Highlighting Tape / Color Coding "Stuff"

Purchased from Amazon, these were called "Removable Highlighter Tape."
I was first introduced to this by Julia. She was using highlighting tape to highlight student selected text evidence. For example, yellow tape means evidence. Student highlight taped the evidence and revisited it when she was writing her essay. I love the highlighting tape because it's easy to apply and remove from resources you normally can't highlight in or things you borrowed from another teacher (who might destroy you if there's a crease in their textbook). I used the highlighting tape for SO MANY purposes last year. One of my favorites was when I handed a student a roll and asked him to highlight the main idea of each paragraph. I mean, I've never seen a kid get so excited!

Here's samples of what the highlighter tape looks like on paper.
Now, this does get kind of expensive (esp. if you're doing this whole class), but I definitely think it's a great investment. I also think highlighters are an awesome investment. I mean, they are SO CHEAP and easy to get. I love using them in Math, esp for multiple step equations. It's a great tool to use to visually show students what to put in for each part of the equation. For example, I asked the student to highlight the diameter of a shape in pink. Then had her highlight each blank where the diameter went in pink also. Boom! Life changer. If you're really curious, here's the blog post on that CLICK HERE

Not sponsored by Sharpie, but they can definitely hit me up!


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