Back to School Special: 10 Must Haves for an Inclusive SPED Teacher (2)

Saturday, July 30, 2016
Another one! Please check out my original post HERE if you're just starting to read this series of posts! 

Sticky Graph Paper / Graph Patch Adhesives 

Graph Patches can be purchased HERE.
My graph patches are copies of the original. I don't have them on me at the moment.

The key word here is STICKY. Yup, sticky - the super scientific way of describing graph paper that adheres into student's notebooks for science and math for easy on-the-go accommodations. For some reason, kids love this stuff. They always ask for it esp. in Math when we were working with coordinate planes. Julia introduced these to me, and I loved them so much. It made life so much easier. This is especially helpful when it comes to kids who need a little help setting up graphs in their notebooks. I literally do a walk-by, it's so simple. Walk to student, drop graph patch on their notebook, point to where I want them to stick it, leave, and observe from afar.  

Here's a terrible example of how I used it in Math. Clearly, It's incomplete.
Sorry, I got lazy setting this up, but let me know if you have any questions.
An example of how I used these in Math were when we started working on figuring out how to plot coordinates. I would have ALL students highlight the X and Y axis in a specific color. Then have them copy down the coordinates I wanted them to plot. Students would usually just draw this in their notebooks. However, I had some kiddos who struggled with this, so I showed them how to use it and walked away triumphant.

Since I didn't co-teach in a Math classroom this year, I've used a different version of the graph patch in Science. There was SO MUCH data collection. Data would then need to be shown in a bar graph or line graph for presentations. I found these Post-It Sticky Graph papers in the sale section one day and they have CHANGED THE GAME! You can use them in so many different ways.

For instance, I used these in science. Normally, I'd hand everyone a large piece of graph paper when they were directed to convert their data into a chart. They'd staple that into their notebooks, and we all hope and pray that it's there the next day. The Post -Its are so much easier to use since it just sticks directly into the science notebooks.  If I knew in advance when they would start the data collection, I'd stick one in notebook (where all the data was) and they'd know exactly what to do with it.

No extra steps to ensure that it stays put. Just stick and go. I also find that when I handed graph paper to some students they'd give me this look like ... "I don't need this ... No one else needs one ... Why do I have to be different?" Middle School Syndrome, tsk. Using the sticky note was easier for them (easier to hide) and I slyly complimented them on their ingenuity for using graph paper to be organized and neat when I checked for accuracy. Peers would get so jealous!


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