Summer DIY #1 - Earbud Organization/Storage

Sunday, June 26, 2016

It's not even a week into Summer and I already made something for the Fall. I couldn't help it. Darn you, Pinterest!
  • Two years ago, my co-teacher had students bring in cheap earbuds from the dollar store. These were used for computer lab time (ThinkCERCA; ThinkThroughMath; Khan Academy). But we stored them in a little catch-all bowl. Those earbuds disappeared as quickly as they got there.
  • This year, we just used headphones we found laying around in the computer lab. There was never enough! Some students had their own, so they used theirs. This caused a lot of shuffling around.
So now, in anticipation for next year, I've come up with a solution. I made an earbud storage system based off of one I saw on Pinterest. I looked around for a storage system that was larger (I need at least 32 for each of my students) - I didn't want two have to carry two of these around. I also needed number labels since my students use their roster number for EVERYTHING. Lastly, I wanted something that was clear - an easy way to quickly scan to see if earbuds are missing. I'll need to do some routine teaching with this, but if it prevents the scramble for headphones, I'm all for it. Read more below!

Here's the list of materials:
  • Number Labels (ones I used can be found here; FREE!)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Laminator
  • Bead Storage Bin (can be found here)
  1. Print, laminate, and cut out the number labels of your choice. I chose the grey chevron ones from TpT mainly because: (A) I'm so lazy, it hurts, (B) It's grey, I can match these up with any decor in my classroom, (C) It goes up to 40, (D) I love circular labels. However, other teachers have used Cricut to make even better labels. All up to you!

    Bustin' out the laminator - I'm sorry if the crooked numbers give you anxiety.

  2. Measure out and Hot Glue the number labels into the different compartments. FUN FACT: There were two slots that were smaller than the rest. I wish I trimmed the numbers before trying all sorts of ways to try to get these babies to stay in those compartments. I ended up trimming the labels.

    Placing them in the compartments in numeric order.

    Here's the completed product - with an iPad charger rolled up for size/thickness comparisons.
    Noticed the trimmed 28-29, gah! It does fit a pair of earbuds though.


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