End of the Year Rush

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Hi All -

WHOOSH. That's all I can say about this time of the year. If you've completed more than 4 IEPS in the last two weeks, you'll know the struggle I'm in right now.

However, I'm not here to complain about IEPs. I'm here to complain about the end of the year rush for grades to be completed. As we all know, the weather's getting nicer, and the kids aren't keeping up with their grades.

You already know I'm not going to let that happen. So, with some inspiration from my fellow co-teacher (she happens to be out for surgery, hope all is well boo), I made a checklist for every student on my caseload. The checklist included the assignments they were missing, whether a retake was available, and what their current grade is in that class.

Here's an example of one:

Example #1: She's not doing so well, but there's a chance for her to bring it back!
I blocked out her grades (Left Side), but her letter grade and percentage would be there.
How did I get all this awesome information together? I asked the kids to get the information for me. I just made it look pretty. Why did I make them get it? They have to learn. Simple as that. I prompted the student to log into their Student Portal, showed them how to get to their grades, then had them write down the information (your letter grade, numerical grade, assignments that are missing, and whether they could retake it or not). Here's of an example of one:

Here's an example of what student a submitted to me.
Now, clearly (pun intended), this wasn't going to get us anywhere. So, I typed it up and stapled Retake Forms to the checklists. I also met with teachers to ensure that they allowed retakes or accepted late work. I met with them one on one again, informing them that they needed a parent signature (as required by the retake form) and that they needed to make appointments with teachers immediately. 

You're prob wondering what the fruits of my labor were ... 
Retake forms in the retake bin = retakes scheduled and confirmed with a teacher.


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