Standards Based Grading Exit Slips Bulletin Board

Saturday, October 10, 2015
Our bulletin board, near the exit, where students drop off their exit slips.
As you already know, my ELA co-teacher and I are using EngageNY Curriculums for Middle School ELA this year. It's already created with standards based grading for all assignments, but we really wanted to students to self-reflect on their work and practice using standards based grading terms. 

This bulletin board went up and we modeled with the students the procedure we wanted to them to follow. Obviously, it took awhile for students to be able to self-reflect. I mean, it's middle school - "gotta keep that reputation on fleek right?" 

So there are days when we just pick up the exit slips, grade them, and return them to the appropriate folder based on their grade. It's slowly moving, but students are warming up to this procedure. 

Now, you're probably wondering ... what does this have to do with Special Education? Everything. I'm working with students on self-advocacy, this is the first step for me. Can students honestly tell me if they need help? One of the students in the room has a social emotional goal, where she has to tell me that she needs help. I've been showing her that if she needs help, all she has to do is drop her exit slip in there and I'll reread her work. So far, so good. She's been circling parts of her work that she doesn't understand, and I make sure either my co-teacher or myself sits with her or a group and reteach the next day.

Students are beginning to self-reflect on their work!

After three weeks, check out our progress! This is the first time our students actually put things in Basic and Not Yet! My student actually put her sheet in the Basic category along with one of her group mates. WHOOP!


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