My Life Through a Series of Bulletin Boards

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
My co-teacher and I spent an entire afternoon sorting through work to display in the hallways. You're probably wondering what does this have anything to do with being an awesome co-teacher and/or inclusion.

Great question. I have no idea.

I want to say that it's one of the responsibilities I take up because I want my co-teacher to know she's not alone and that I want a part of the action, we're sharing. We're agreeing or disagreeing on a space that we both live in - plus I make sure that both our names are displayed or two different types of handwriting are up so that anyone who reads the signs/ rubrics knows there's two teachers that run the classroom. It's not just one teacher in one room. Also, it's important (to me, at least) that the students see me grading, helping my co-teacher select excellent examples of work to show, and helping set up bulletin board. I think the kids see both adults as equals with the same responsibilities versus Ms. So-And-So sits there, and Mrs. So-And-So is always doing something.

Is this completely, necessary? Probably not. Do I do this because I get a kick out of stapling things to a cork board? Probably. Do kids really care about bulletin boards in middle school? Nah. Do I enjoy putting up bulletin board borders? Yes.

Here's were all the work landed:

Remember that VN Gallery Walk? Here's their displayed work.

A closer view of the sign (with learning standards!) and assignment description.
The white bubble is censoring our names, but I usually write both teachers names and the month/year.

Another example of our student's work displayed.

Another description of the assignment and novel

Writing prompts with graphic organizer

More descriptions!

My co-teacher was diggin' the print.

Standards Based Reflection sheets for 7th graders.


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