Inclusive Classrooms (6th ELA)

Friday, October 2, 2015
Students completing a written assignment.
Students completing a written assignment.

Our 6th grade students are currently reading The Lightning Thief. Now, I have students who read at a kindergarden level, grade level, and a little below grade level. How do I meet these students needs? iPad apps and modified work. Students were assigned a worksheet where they had to discuss the main character, analyze the characters actions, thoughts, and etc. Stop here.

My students goals:
  1. Sequencing - can they accurately sequence the events in the chapter?
  2. Writing - can they write a five sentence paragraph accurately describing the main character?
So, I set to work making sure it doesn't look drastically different, but still met their goals. What does an inclusive classroom look like? Take a look! My co-teacher and I love giving students the freedom of choosing a seat anywhere in the room to complete their in classwork, hence the clipboards and cool chairs/ pillows!

Two students, who do not read on grade level, using the iPad app Read2Go.
The app reads the novel aloud to them, highlighting the sentence and word it is reading.
They then pull text evidence and input it into a graphic organizer, analyzing their text evidence too.
Students were given a prefix list to assist with their reading/writing skills.

This student is working on his sequencing. He had just finished listening to the book on the iPad.
He's drawing four main events in the story. At the end of this worksheet, he answers 5 questions
about who, what, where, when, and how. After he completes this assignment, I sit with him and he
retells the story using the pictures to me - this is when I check for accuracy.


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