Fountas and Pinnell Testing

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
I think one of the major challenges of the beginning of the year is getting all the data recorded. We have the district wide assessment, then classroom assessments, and then Fountas and Pinnell (F&P). When I sat down with my co-teacher to iron out the norms, we were side tracked by the data from last year's F&P testing.

So we sat down and looked at the readings that students were getting stuck on and made a procedure/ tips anchor chart for students. I say tips anchor chart because middle school students hate the word procedure for some reason - at least mine do.

We figured, let's teach them some good studying skills while merging in literacy skills they should continue to practice outside of their class readings.

I made two anchor charts and adhered them in the testing room. Students are seated so that they are facing these anchor charts. I just prompt them to read it. The anchor charts are written so that students at all levels can read it. I double lettered (is that a thing? shadowed?) the key words for further emphasis. Never enough emphasis.

Anyways, check them out below. These are great for ALL students to practice!

If you can't read what's on the anchor charts, you can find the list below:
  1. ASK for time to pre-read on your own
  2. FIND words you do not know and try to "chunk" them OR
    FIND words in the glossary (in the back)
  3. LOOK at all the pictures and READ all the captions
  4. THIS IS NOT A RACE - read at a pace that makes you comfortable
  5. ANSWER all comprehension questions with detailed answers, more is always better
  6. PRACTICE! If you want a better level, read every day for 30 minutes 
  7. SET AN APPT to retest every 3 weeks!


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