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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

As a middle school, we requested that students purchase Trapper binders (those fancy binders that zip close). Some students preferred the opposite (non zip) and some didn't show up with anything at all. Not surprised. 

So when one of my students showed up with five notebooks, one folder, and a binder ... I set to work. I tried to give her an extra Trapper binder, but she said she liked her mint colored binder instead. No problem, mint's a great color! I sat down with her and asked her to organize her notebooks by subject. As she set to work, I inserted the dividers and labelled/ordered them based on her schedule. After she was done hunting down the correct notebooks, I had her insert the notebooks into the correct divider folder. This introduces her to her new best friend, the organized binder.

I love these dividers because you can fit both spirals and composition notebooks into them - less spilling of contents in the hallways, easy for students to grab what they need based on the labeled tab. I also asked her if she wanted to write out the sticker labels. She requested that I do it, so away I went. 

Here's the shenanigans we got up to:

Her mint binder with the labeled tabs. I labeled the front of her binder with her name and grade level.

Check out more below!

Her first tabs were the take home and return tabs. I had her look through all her papers and determine what stayed home and what needs to return - one of these was her agenda (labeled with the brightest stickers I could find).

Her first period is ELA, so her next divider had her reading notebook and her daily independent functioning checklist.
I took these pictures 3 periods after it was issued, home girl didn't get her goal done today!

Another example of how her notebooks fit into her binder.
My co-learning specialist checks this tab daily!
Let's hope this lasts until January!


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