UPDATED #Goals: Classroom Organization (Kagan Mats and Labels)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Remember when I posted awhile back about these Kagan Mats? I've been notified that the store has taken it down, which makes me really sad. I chose these mats not because of the price, but because it was something that my co-teachers had used - so for the sake of consistency, I used the same one.

So on to some tips & tricks - if you were lucky enough to score these mats when they were still available, then you know that printing them on normal copy paper is not enough. You've got to laminate them, which is what I did. I'm sure these will hold up for awhile, but what I've noticed is that it's just not practical to have in a classroom with some growing teenagers, and movable desks.

At the end of the day, the desks have shifted multiple times, and the mats were being pulled off or were trying to hold on to dear life. I really liked them, but I needed a solution to the moving desks. You know what that means ... Pinterest!

Cut and laminated.
I typed "Kagan number labels" and boom ... circular desk labels appeared! I found a free set from this blog (link). It comes in different colors and in black and white - my fave. They're small enough to not distract, and the desks can be moved around without any hassle (i.e. mat falling off, mat being tugged in all four corners, etc).

Duct taped to the corner of student desks.

Pencil challenge currently ongoing and Target dollar section buckets.
I've just put them on, so we'll see what happens. I enjoyed having the mats to introduce the students to the Kagan system, but I'll store them away for another year. Hope your first week (maybe second or third?) has been awesome! Stay tuned!


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