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Monday, September 7, 2015
** Before you read my post, please read Julia's High School Portfolio Post. ** 
You can purchase my version at my TpT Store.
Everything I am about to do is based off of this amazing idea. I spoke to her briefly about how much I wanted to start this with one student, but I'm thinking this is something I want to do for all my 8th grade students this year.

Before I get ahead of myself, this idea is currently PENDING. I spoke to Julia a couple of times about this and we've got some small stuff lined up before I implement this (meetings, co-planning, etc). This will be my first year writing transition plans and I want to make sure that I eliminate as many bumps in the road as I can.

Now, on to the good stuff. I was shown an example of Julia's High School Portfolio last year. The moment she explained the steps, I was onboard. Over the summer, I tried to format a binder for one of my students based on her needs.

Here's what I've got so far. Obviously, this could change. If I'm going to implement this, I'm going to adjust it for other students - individualized high school portfolios!

This is the table of contents in the bundle.
You can purchase the bundle at my TpT Store.

The entire bundle (now on my TpT store) has all the following things: a cover for the binder, an email template to use with students, a student profile page that the student can personalize, an IEP scavenger for the student to complete (I Know My IEP), a self-assessment that the student completes, testing accommodations, accommodations and modifications per subject (you can insert student work here), and if the student has a BIP, this is a great place for the student to create a representation of their plan for their new school. There is the PDF version, and also some editable pages if you have students who need that accommodation.

Student Profile Page for student to personalize. 
Scavenger Hunt Page

The timeline and instructions page is included. This is a 3 year timeline starting from the moment the student arrives in middle school (6th). I firmly believe in getting the student to slowly build their IEP knowledge over time. Small baby steps to the grand finale - the portfolio.  Since I haven't implemented this yet, I inputted a schedule that I was going to follow. This is what I believe would work for me, but obviously, depending on your caseload and student(s), you could alter it. I put mine in there as a mini road map.

Student Answers - not IEP based.
Self - Assessment for Independent Functioning and Social Emotional.

Personally, I wanted to make sure that students were not walking blindly into their new school. This way, they see the inside of the school, meet some teachers, see some students, etc. I needed to make sure that students were leaving middle school (lets face it, I totally meant leaving me), with something that anchored all their hard work and progress. My hope is that this portfolio will help them advocate for themselves and that their new teachers aren't trying to recreate the wheel.

This would be awesome if you included an IEP at a Glance. Check out my version Click here.


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