#Goals: Classroom/ Testing Room Organization

Monday, September 28, 2015

Testing Sign - Check!
My co-learning specialist and I requested a space to test students separately. Here are our separate setting woes:
  • We were given a storage room
  • We were given a storage room full of an entire floors worth of discarded furniture and resources
  • We were given a storage room that hasn't been cleaned in a few weeks
We rapidly set to work on cleaning, moving, organizing, and decorating the room. 
  • I put up some bulletin boards, a small bunted banner, and covered the door windows to eliminate distractions
  • We pushed almost all of the unused furniture into the closet. 
  • A computer station was set up for our standardized tests, while group tables and solo areas were also set up. Stations along the wall all had access to outlets, in case we had to pull in laptops for testing. 
  • Three large group tables were set up for small group teaching - if there were heterogenous groups in other classrooms, this room could host one group.
  • Bucket system is back on full blast - each contains pencils and loose leaf paper for students to use.
  • Resources are slowing coming in/ being borrowed - different types of seating, fidgets, timers, manipulative, etc.
You're probably wondering why we took the time to do any of this. Valid point. Personally, I don't think it's right to stick students, regardless of whether they are in special education or not, in a room to test that is unkept. It's just wrong - we can't expect high score or even decent ones if the students step into a room that looks like a dungeon. Testing is already tedious, why make it even worse for them? We wanted a space that had a positive environment, a room that students know is a "safe place," a "Room of Requirement" (HP Fans, where you at?!) so to speak.

I wish I had taken some before photos, but here's our final results:

The Learning Process bulletin board #1 - I wanted to show how and why standards based grading/ retaking system works.
I had really meant to make the first "quiz on skill" green and "ask for help" pink ... this is what happens when you don't check to see if your counting is accurate.

Test Taking Strategies bulletin board #2 - I have a few male students and they really loved the PlayStation remotes.
I also stapled these remotes strategically, as you can tell. Sike.

Small groups tables and testing bucket system.
A better view of the banner.
Solo work stations/ laptop stations - check out the timers, fidgets, and "spiky butt cushion."
How to be cool in Middle School Rule #1: Sit on tables.
This is what is left of the unused furniture - everything else is hidden in the closet behind this wall.
I blocked off the entrances with bookshelves. Check out my student scavenging for borders.
I will eventually try to move these into another room and cover up the board with the new grading scale.

Computer Station set - the bookshelf will eventually be filled with resources.

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  1. Your room looks GREAT!! I like that you organized the storage in your room. Instead of organizing, I just bought some cardboard dividers and stuck them in front of all the storage teachers dropped off. I actually love my room dividers from Oriental Trading. They were a struggle to set up but totally worth it.


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