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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lets face it, sometimes we've got to set up the system for the students - the best way to do it? Modeling. I created my own copy, and I plan on modeling the set up on the ELMO for the students to follow. I've made accommodations for students who require it.

Composition Notebook with decorative duct tape and label.
This is the class copy for students to reference.
Cover Page (1st page) - students will personalize these.

We're not ordering student planners this year, however, we did receive a class set of composition notebooks. So I devised a way of setting up a planner for the students to use this year. My co-teacher and I are big proponents of getting the students organized, so we came up with this system below:

An Example posted in the back of the room.

It probably looks like a bunch of mish-mash - so give me a second to break it all down.
  1. Blue Lines- indicate the physical layout of the composition.
  2. Orange Lines- indicate the lines students will draw to create separate boxes for dates and subjects. Students can definitely fold the pages to get straighter edges if they prefer.
  3. Green Lines- indicate the dates of the week.
  4. Pink Lines- indicate the subjects students are currently taking. 
I'll have students make 3 weeks worth of this so that they are prepared for any monthly projects that are due. Now you're probably wondering what accommodations I've made for students! My co-teacher will sit with the students and assist with the student setting up their planners using the following:
  • Google Docs version of grid printed and pre-cut for students to glue into their composition notebooks
  • Labels with subjects and dates written so that students can easy stick them into the correct part.


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