Co-Planning: Independent Functioning

Saturday, September 12, 2015
Google Docs making our lives super easy.

Lets face it, sometimes we share our caseload with other special ed. teachers/ learning specialists. I personally love having that extra person there - sometimes I just need someone to vent to (I mean, venting comes with our profession) or someone to throw ideas at and see what they think.

Since I'm in charge of ELA, the other middle school specialist is in charge of math. However, we do have a student who needs a lot of supports. We met with his previous learning specialist in the intermediate level, and she gave us a list of successful supports. One of them being a visual schedule with clocks. 

I took the schedule that his classmates were given and made some modifications. First, I uploaded it into Google Drive and shared it with my team member. We then took specific roles - she entered the times and found analog clocks. I formatted the schedule and found pictures that related to the subjects. We put it in a page protector and put it inside his trapper binder so that he can refer to it throughout the year.

You're probably thinking - well this isn't new. Of course it isn't, but I'm loving this feeling of "this is our child, we share responsibility in his education." She's been super helpful and it's always nice to have an extra set of hands when it comes to making supports and implementing it. We're going to meet this week to set up our testing room for some mandated assessments and also fine tuning some IEP goals. Whoohoo!

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