Back to School: Bulletin Boards

Friday, September 4, 2015
Lets face it, the most time consuming process is getting your bulletin board together.

I was texting my co-teacher for two days, trying to figure out what we wanted in the classroom. We agreed to put up a new homework board, an exit slips board, an objectives board, a book recommendation board, and a library check out board.

This is super important since you're helping and having some input into how this room will look. Remember, it's a shared space. It's OUR room.

We had some extra dead space in the room, so we put some things on the wall to cover up some of the not-so-great areas in the classroom.

When students enter, they will see this sign.
It also covers some student made holes. 

Check out what we got done below!

Our Library Check Out system and recommendations board.

Objectives will be posted on the left side,
while exit slips (depending on he activity) are going to be posted n the right side.

Our Announcements and Homework boards. 


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