Back to School: Setting Up the Room with the Co-Teacher PT1

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Let's face it, if you're in a room with your co-teacher, you have to have a voice when it comes to decorations and setting up the room. Remember, it's not their room or your room, it's OUR room.

I made sure I reached out to both of my co-teachers to let them know I wanted to sit down and talk about a system for both of us -- for example, I spoke to my Science co-teacher about my preferences for gathering data and work samples. She came up with this awesome idea of having a magazine holder for all student work. This would replace my usual bin idea and I can gather what I need easily. No more hunting down kids for their work! I'll have pictures of this later on.

Check out more below (with pictures)!

The best part is my home base. My ELA co-teacher is AMAZING. We spoke about how we wanted to really promote reading this year using decorations. We agreed on keeping a check out system for accountability, while also setting up a book recommendation center in the classroom library area. We're also planning on making a "Got Caught Reading!" bulletin board.

Our leveled classroom library, bulletin board is a work in progress!

Last year, I set up a mini-LLI system in the class. It was just a bin with all the LLI folders in it, and the students knew which tables to go to when we began LLI. However, I asked to set up a LLI/ small group center in the room. She loved the idea! Here's what it currently looks like, however, I'm missing some things. I'll update as we bring in more of our stuff!

If you're curious about my set up, check out my posts on LLI and WTW - it'll give you a good idea as to why I have certain things here.

Sorry about the poor lighting, but here's the LLI/WTW station.  Can you identify each of the components?
So my LLI section consists of the ever popular running record calculator and F&P levels for reference. In addition, I've got some LLI folders ready to go. The file tower is currently empty, but once F&P testing is done, it'll be loaded up with work!  In the far back, you'll see my WTW section. I've got the index cards ready to go, word sorts cut and laminated, and games organized.

My mini-whiteboard easel with the daily activity listed.
I've decided to use my mini white board this year in the small group area. Since it's magnetic, I've clipped the daily activity to the board (changeable) so that my co-teacher knows what the students are doing if I'm not in the room. Also, students will know what to do once they take a seat.

Of course, we spoke about Kagan. I love the tub idea, but it's just "doin' too much!" So I brought back my tiny buckets (Target). Luckily, it fit the theme of the classroom with all the pretty teals, green, and light blue. Lastly, I laminated those Kagan placemats from TpT and put them on all the group tables. Hopefully, this lasts us for awhile!

Table buckets and Kagan mats at each of our tables.


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