Back to School: Setting up the Room PT2

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Today was pretty lowkey. Lets face it, I spent most of the day scavenging for chairs and a magazine rack.

I did, however, finally get some IEP organizing done. For the full experience, definitely check out my blogpost on how I get back into the groove of things here. It'll explain my craziness.

The tabs are labelled with the students name, grade, and ID #.
Otherwise, I whipped out the usual colored folders and began labelling and inserting IEP-At-A-Glances and BIP-At-A-Glances. I also shared these with my fellow middle school learning specialist so that we're on the same page. We spoke briefly about making sure that we're both on the same page, so this year, we're sharing a middle school Megafolder of data. Huzzah! This year, I've made 6th grade green, 7th grade orange, 8th grade yellow.

Our shared Megafolder, not the fanciest, but it keeps everything together.
I've mentioned previously that I wanted to color code my binders ... and I FINALLY did it! Whoo hoo! No lie, I've been working out random sized and colored binders. I would have to flip open random ones until I found the ones I wanted.

Left: SPED related binders. Right: Curriculum related binders. Binders can be purchased here.
I'm not a huge fan of the view binders because the plastic always either rips or gets gunky over time for me. I chose three obnoxious colors: Red for Social Studies, Green for Math, and Purple for ELA. I'll be adding a new color this year for Science, which will most likely be just as obnoxious. If you're looking really closely, you've noticed a white label. I've labelled the bottom so that I know what's inside!

Last but not least, our mailboxes have been set up again. I needed some downtime, so I sat down and began organizing the scholastic book order forms. Last year, these were a huge hit! My co-teacher and I really pushed for the students to buy books they were interested in and to READ! Since we both get order forms, we'll hopefully get enough for the entire middle school. Whoohoo!


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