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Saturday, August 29, 2015
I have a huge pet peeve, unmatched desk heights. You can't put anything in the middle, especially the Kagan mats and tubs. I'm not even ashamed to say I went out of my way today to measure the height of the preferred desk height and scavenged for them in empty, unused classrooms. Remember those table numbers? I finally adhered them.

If you're curious where I got these from, check out my blogpost "#Goals: Classroom Organization"

I had to go through each of these and make sure there wasn't any inappropriate material and/or my address listed on the front. My 7th grade co-teacher last year had these in her classroom, and the boys loved it. Anything to get them into reading right?!
Magazine Rack full of Sports Illustrated.
So now, onto the organizational part of the classroom. I forgot my laptop today, so I set up some of the computers and realized it's about time I started labelling things (Today's Activity, WTW, LLI). I printed out some labels for the stations and made sure it was easy to read. I put together the magazine holder and put in the weekly word study worksheet for Words Their Way. This was kindly made by Julia, and I've made some formatting changes, but it greatly reduces the amount of time the students spend setting things up at the beginning of the week.

Labels on labels.
So you're probably wondering what awesome work Julia did, am I right? Take a look below. I couldn't get it to print back and front, so it's on two pages - whatever! I made three weeks worth of copies and put 'em in the magazine holder for the students to take.

Weekly Word Study worksheet made by Julia.

It wouldn't be a party if I didn't invite LLI right?! I love Mary. She just knows exactly what I want and where I can find it. She's like ... the Room of Requirement. Oh yeah, I went there. Anyways, I physically had the LLI/WTW station set up, but I didn't have the major components. I went on a journey to find the these folders - especially the A - N folders. We just don't have as much of those lying around. Anyways, I put students names on them and put in the running record of the most recent reading level. I'm ready for F&P testing, ya'll!

LLI Student Folders ready to labeled! The students only put
their running records inside for data purposes.

The two different types of data charts inside.
Hopefully, I stay on top of recording it this year!
I started importing this data into Google Excel at the end of the year, but it's a good visual for the students to see and it's great for my data bin at the end of the year - one less thing to print!

LLI Folder Bag thing - it's pretty sweet.

Now, the best find were these LLI Bags. This is a LUXERY! Last year, I used big Ziploc bags and had the minions carry them to and from school. Having this will definitely keep the students organized with the different labelled pockets and it's much sturdier than a Ziploc bag. I put in a new lined notebook and a non-lined book for the word sorts. I'm planning on only keeping their last three books in the book section so that they can use this as their LLI folder/bag. Everything's in one place.

My biggest concern is that some of my more difficult clients will lose these or they might never come back with it. If this is the case, I might just use this as their daily activity bag. They can come in and grab it, find directions on the board, complete the work at their desk. Boom. Magic. 

LLI Book Bag
I also found these small book bags, I'm going to use these to store their old LLI books from the year. They will keep these in class so that they have multiple books to choose from for silent reading. They'll have their owner's name on the cover so that they each have their specific leveled books ready to go!


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