Back to School: IEP-At-A-Glance (Finally)

Friday, August 28, 2015
Lets face it, I keep talking about these IEP-At-A-Glances and I've been getting emails about how people can get their hands on one for back to school.

Julia's version
Now, remember, I mentioned previously that the original form of this came from my inclusion coach (Julia). You can find out more about that version over at her blog, here. She's selling it too on TPT! I definitely recommend checking hers out since it's a great foundation to creating one that works for you.

I've made so many changes to Julia's original version that I'm sure I have 7 different types in my Google folders. Seriously. But the version that has worked the best for me is this one:

My version.
This took awhile to arrive because I kept changing it with every student. What's the difference?

  • Formatting Changes 
    • Space - I get all the space I can get with less margins.
    • Color - helps present the information in chunks. I've learned that breaking up the paper into sections helps the reader locate information, hence the color and bolded font. 
    • Lines - one major line down the middle causes less distractions, also more space for long goals.
  • Vital Changes
    • Splitting - I split up the assessment section so that I can maximize room and changed the wording to be more parent/student friendly.
    • Goals - MPW or sometimes an X to indicate minutes is a faster way of filling out the paper. I've removed related services because I usually add them to the goals (i.e. Speech goal has a note that states student gets services in speech).
    • Goals #2 - It's been easier for me to write the annual goal one side, and the benchmark goals on the "how goals will be met side." This way parents see how I am working towards the goal and how I'm getting there. Magic, obviously.
    • Accommodations/ Modifications - Parents and teachers need to know exactly what the student needs, therefore just listing them is easier (copy and paste). This way they can see exactly what the student is getting! No more angry phone calls/ emails!
The best part? I've made a huge bundle and its been uploaded on TPT. It has a black and white, color, student, and Spanish version (thanks Ms. Ne). There's a PDF file if you're a handwritten kind of person, and an editable version for each (for all of you who need more than 3 IEP goals)! The PDF file also contains in-depth directions and some suggestions if you're looking to maximize the usage of this product!

You can purchase my version at my TPT store, here.


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