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Sunday, August 30, 2015
Lets face it, no one likes data recording. I absolutely hate this part of the job. I can collect all the work samples you need, I just hate entering it.

Last year, and I'm being honest here, I kept falling off the data recording wagon, running a marathon to catch up with said wagon, climb on, then decide to throw myself off of it again. Ask my Inclusion Coach. I went through stages, trying to figure out what system worked best for me. It took forever and it caused so much anxiety and stress.

  • Stage 1: Intervention Data Recording Forms
  • Stage 2: Gathering Work Samples and Recording at the end of the week on recording form.
  • Stage 3: Excel Sheet with percentages
  • Stage 4: Excel Sheet with percentages, dates students were absent, and dates when I was testing
  • Stage 5: Excel Sheet with percentages, dates students were absent, and dates when I was testing with different colored columns/rows, and X's indicating the status of the students data.
  • Stage 6: Record all data before school is over. #SurvivalMode

HOWEVER, this is the year. I know it. I feel it. It's like when Harry Potter's wand finally found him - "YASS!"

So I decided to set up my data recording method in advance. Excel worked really well (as you can tell) for me last year. It was easy to use and to share with my coach when we had our meetings. I wasn't carrying around a gazillion work samples/ folders for her to see. Two laptops, boom.

Check out this comparison below:

Left: Current data recording.                                                                     Right: Previous data recording.

So let me explain what happened here. On the right was what I made last year. I put the percentages on the top, highlighted green for meeting the goal, and red for not meeting the goal. This particular student was frequently absent, so I made sure I recorded her absences. You never know!

On the left side is my new, and improved version. This year, I decided to have the annual goal on top as reminder. In addition, I've inputted the justification for the data/ the rubric. Since we are implementing standards based grading this year, the rubric was updated. I'll change the dates on the left hand side once the school year gets going. This way, I know the goal for the student and how it was graded. I could easily list the assignment in the box. I kept the green to indicate that the student has met that goal.

One of the pros to using excel is that I can have my entire caseload in one file, tabbed on the bottom. In addition, last year, I made a tab for each separate goal. This year, all goals are on one tab, per student.

So to sum this up in one or two sentences? I made all my data recording formats in advance, while making sure to improve on what I did last year. I inputted the annual goal, formatted the file better, and had the justification/rubrics uploaded in the file.

I feel really good about this, even if it seems simple. It's one less thing for me to stress about once the school year starts.


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