Back to School: Co-Planning PT1

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Our leveled book room -- our friend Mary has been trying to do inventory, hence the random papers.

I've been spoiled by my school and the GUST Foundation. I really am. Lets face it, not a lot of schools have leveled book bins, an electronic book room list, and organized LLI system filing cabinets. But that's not the point. I'm just gushing because I forget how fortunate I have been.

The real lets face it is this: Pick out books with your co-teacher.

I'm not joking. It seems like a simple step, and you can argue that there are differences in taste, book length, etc. Just sit down and pick a couple out. Make it a point to show that you care!

This tiny step really opens the co-planning system to both co-teachers. It gives the learning specialist a voice, and the general education teacher has someone they can bounce ideas off of and it also builds this understanding between both teachers that "hey, we both share equal responsibility in what happens in the classrooms."

Our two book choices, Inside Out and Back Again & The Lightning Thief.

I spent 2 hours in a book room with my co-teacher deciding on what books we want to read and curriculum planning for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade ELA. It was glorious.

We left with the books we wanted to begin with and with plans to sit down tomorrow to write out our first weeks lesson plans based on how to introduce the content and figuring out the essential questions for the lesson(s). Also, this gives me time to find ebook versions and setting up appropriate accommodations and modifications for SWD.

We're ready for you 2015-2016!


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