Summer Co-Planning

Thursday, July 23, 2015
Let's face it, as a brand new co-teacher with four different co-teachers last year, I had a lot going on in my life. I decided I was going to change that "meow!" I ended up emailing and texting my co-teachers after 3 weeks of summer to see if they were interested. I also bribed them with snacks. 

Why do I ruin peoples summers you might ask? I'm just trying to get us all somewhat organized to ensure that I'm not running around at the beginning of the year telling people to send me this or that. Also, with time, snacks, and nothing on their minds - I now have a voice in what is being selected for the classes versus trying to get people to talk to me while they are setting up their rooms.

A preview to our ELA Q1 curriculum plan.
  • Co-Teacher #1: ELA
    I worked with my ELA teacher before school ended to create a Quarter 1 unit plan. You already know that we were both going crazy with packing up our rooms, cleaning, celebrating with the kids, etc. Now I know this co-teacher well, she's super pumped, can sell the content to the students, and has a fuzzy idea of what she has to do for the first couple of weeks. She isn't the most organized teacher in the world. So I had her gather what she wanted to do, worked with her to pick out some books to read for the year, and showed her what I was typing up as we were talking. We ended up making a general curriculum plan and sent it off to a consultant our school hired, and had it reviewed. It's currently getting revised.
Standards based grading rubric for a project, including a modified rubric
(currently undergoing a revision - we just wanted to get something on paper)

Week to Week Overview of what we wanted to do the first week.
Notice the modifications on the side!

My potential goals that I sent in an email to my SCI co-teacher.
  • Co-Teacher #2: SCIENCE
    This was a bit more challenging. We were at the Kagan Summer Academy together, so we went from a 7 hour workshop straight into co-planning. We were tired. In addition, her thought process is more of a concept map, as you will see below. So I sent her my list of potential goals for summer co-planning (not meant for one sitting), she made them into post-it notes, and starred the ones she thought was a priority. We talked at length about each topic and decided we did enough for a day and to reconvene. At the airport and on the flight back, we sat next to each other and put things into motion - a Google Drive MegaFolder was set up, modifications we liked were put into the folders, rubrics were sorted, a rough calendar was made, and an introductory letter was written. We didn't get to do a lot of curriculum planning but we had a power point set up and the first week roughly sketched out with some Kagan stuff planned. Not bad!
How we organized our Google MegaFolder - we plan on sorting this at a different time.
  • Co-Teacher #3: MATH
    Math was easier. My co-teacher and I agreed to just start sorting immediately. I created and shared a MegaFolder with her and we began pulling things we used and really liked into it. We then sorted it out into specific components: tests, modifications, lesson plans, curriculum planners, etc. We renamed and organized the material. Since we didn't have some of the books we used, we had to reschedule. However, we made a checklist of what needs to get done, what we're going to do in the beginning of the school year, and what we're going to implement this school year.
Our Math MegaFolder - organized and sorted.

Our Foldables Folder with the foldables we wanted to use for the school year.


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