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Thursday, June 18, 2015
I think this is a good time for some summer DIY. I'll keep it real with you. I haven't been super organized this year. My stuff was everywhere! I had bins in Math and Reading classes. My data was stashed in all types of places. Here's something even more comical - half way through the year, I started color coding my binders. Then, I gave up and just let it all hang out. The worst part? I had all the small stuff (i.e. glue, staples, etc) shifting all over in my desk drawers. I currently use the small pails I find in the dollar section of Target and have them inside my drawer. They don't fit much and it doesn't even store the writing utensils.

So I scrounged through Pinterest and saw something really cool. It's called a Teacher's Tool Box. It's basically a Parts Drawer that you can buy at Home Depot (Lowes, Menards, etc). I purchased a pretty large one from Amazon since I hoard school supplies like no other. I plan on using this to store all my pencils, pens, markers, crayons, staples, the list goes on!

Let's face it .. go big or go home right? Someone please tell me hoarding supplies is okay for teachers. I feel like I save every. thing. I. see.

Anyways.  I was pretty upset that they only came in black so I bought white spray paint. I spent two days trying to make it look even until I realized the back was stuck to the cardboard. Go me. It looks great from the front though! Check out how I goofed it up below.

Yes. That's a pizza box.
So I spent another couple of hours on Pinterest looking for labels. Man, those Pinterest teachers .. they do too much. I found some awesome ones here. They come in both the small and large sizes. I chose to just print out the empty page and write in my labels. But if you're looking for a much easier process, here's a better choice.

K-mart was going out of business so I bought a laminator.

Printed them out. Hand labeled them. Laminated them. Slapped on some double sided tape. Boom, I'm a bonafide Pinterest teacher. #goals. Here's the end product.

I chose to handwrite my labels since I didn't want to print out labels I wasn't going to use.


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