Saturday, December 10, 2016
Sorry for the radio silence. I have a new student. Check out what I'm putting together below.

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You're probably wondering what's in this binder. Well, today's your lucky day. Here's the table of contents:

  1. Binder cover page
    (as seen in picture)
  2. Zones of Regulation Visual Aid
  3. IEP At-A-Glace
  4. BIP At-A-Glance  /   Safety Plan
  5. Student's Schedule
  6. Data (Behavior) Tracking Forms
    1. ABC Chart
    2. Frequency & Duration Chart
    3. Lined Paper (anecdotals)
  7. First, Next, Then Visual Aid
  8. Student Account Information
    (Usernames, Passwords, Classroom webpages)
As you already know, I've used a super colorful divider set with labels to organize this binder. 

This is my first paraprofessional. I've never had one dedicated to one of my students before, thus, I reached out to a co-worker, a wonderful paraprofessional in the building, and Julia (of course) for some advice. I wanted to make sure the paraprofessional knew what I really wanted done daily, but at the same time give them flexibility to make some executive decisions if I am unavailable. 

I wasn't sure if I was being super controlling or not! I truly want my paraprofessional to hit the ground running, with hopes that this binder will assist them with getting to know the student, their needs, and with some tools/ resources that are currently working for the student. Thus, he/she will spend less time acclimating and more time actively and appropriately supporting. 

Once I put this together, I'll document it in use on IG and here. Until then, my friends, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Thanks to those who supported the Cyber Monday sale on TpT! I hope you find those products useful! I'll be posting a surprise sale sometime in January. Check back soon!


Monday, November 14, 2016
Awhile back I mentioned that I was working on a huge project alongside updating my blog. Well, the blog was updated (there's still some work to be done), but the other project kept me up at night.

I'm giving you a huge hint today since it's finally coming together - I had so many versions littered everywhere in my apartment. It'll be posted before the year ends and I'll have it in the shop with a special discount! If you've got someone who is joining our noble profession, feel free to gift them this!

Until then, enjoy this hint 🐱!

Substitute Binder

Sunday, October 30, 2016
Hi All -

This post is long overdue. I meant for this post to go up a few weekends ago, but I made some edits to my substitute binder since I first made it. I'm sorry for the delay!

Yesterday was National Cat Day. Cat Stickers for the win!

It takes more work to be absent, just saying. On that note, I decided to make life easier for me by making a substitute binder. This way, it's pre-made and all I have to do is slip an updated lesson plan in that baby and call it a day.
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